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6 Organization Tips for a Natural Science Shadow Box

Call it what you will: shadow box, display case, curio shelf. No matter the term you choose, my mother had (and still has) them hanging all over my childhood home. (Consequently, my father tried developing a mathematical proof to demonstrate there’s no more wall space for another box. But there always is. Sorry, Dad.)

This particular box (measuring 36″x36″ and weighing a metric ton) was the largest in Mom’s collection. Her antique toys and figurines, organized by theme or time period, were cleverly packed in each section. And it was never finished: there was always one more item to add.

After I married and had my own apartment to decorate, I began searching for a shadow box to hold the 20,000 knick-knacks I’d hoarded over the years. And my mother, ever the savior, offered this box. Her favorite box. The box to end all boxes.

To honor her shadow box expertise, I will impart all I’ve learned from her. How do you organize a natural science shadow box? Follow me!
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How I Began a Ceramic Dinosaur Collection

All collections begin with a single piece. For me, my spiraling assortment of ceramic sauropod dinosaurs started with this guy ↑. (Don’t buy his who, me? expression. This dude is GUILTY.)

Originally purchased as an office plant decoration (what can I say, inspirational garden stones just aren’t my thing), this figurine became the catalyst of what is now a fifteen-piece collection spanning five years.

Where can you find a porcelain or ceramic dinosaur? What can you expect to pay? Read on to find out!
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